Make a firmware flash ANY drive with  FLASHFIX

The firmware update utility of Liteon/Jlms drives will sometime refuse to flash the drive. E.g: It will not allow to downgrade the firmware or to reflash with the same firmware version and it will refuse most OEM and all rebadged drives, or any drive it was not designed for...

Flashfix will patch most Liteon/Jlms Windows based firmware utilities so as to allow them to flash ANY drive. It does not change the firmware itself, it only disables the model/version checkup function of the flasher.

Not supported are: firmware for LTD 122 and 163 DVD-ROM; the 16101B CDRW and older.

If you are not sure, just try. Flashfix will let you know if it can't patch.

It is very simple and easy to use, but it's up to you not to do anything stupid with it! Make 100% sure the firmware you patch is compatible with your drive and when you run the fixed flash utility be absolutely sure to select the correct drive.

Just drag the exe to the Flashfix window.
Also supported are icon to icon drag and drop and command line operation (e.g.: Flashfix ZS0N.exe)

Flashfix will first make a backup and then patch the firmware utility.


Some recent flasher versions contain multiple firmwares, e.g.: QS0E57. This box will pop-up if Flashfix detects a multi-firmware flasher:

It is EXTREMELY important to select the correct firmware for your drive!

WARNING: The firmware you fix
will agree to flash ANY drive in your system!
flashing a wrong drive might ruin it



Make sure to use latest flashfix version for recent drives.

Current version:   20 February 2006

Fixed file size compatibility with newest firmwares
Extended support up to version 2.2.2 of Xflash

IMPORTANT:  Most recent Liteon firmware flashers are compressed (packed). Upx.exe  must be present in the same folder as Flashfix to enable processing them.


Unzip both files and put them in the same folder


Credit: Flashfix is written by Dale. Many thanks to him for making it available to all! Upx by Markus Oberhumer and Laszlo Molnar



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