LTD (XJ-HD) - 165h / 166s

These are the latest Liteon (now JLMS) dvd-rom drives. They are 16x48x drives, so what's new? Performance is similar to the 163 models but they carry the new DVD-MULTI logo which means: "DVD Multi Drive is capable of reading DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM media" So the main difference is DVD-RAM which the 163 can't read. The drives are 20mm (3/4") shorter than previous models.

What's the difference between the 165h and the 166S models?
They have exactly the same specifications, performance and compatibility, but the 166 is reported by the manufacturer to have these improvements


      -Acoustic noise improvement
      -Disc scratch free design
      -User protection against fragment of crashing disc
      -Tray in out noise improvement
      -Better dust proof
      -Protection wall on tray motor
      -Symmetric suspension points (good for vibration)
      -Light weight (good for vibration)
      -Stronger structure against drop or shock

The following firmwares are all Windows executables. Please read my general precautions for flashing in Windows, and find which firmware version is currently in your drive before you start.

165h firmwares:

166s firmwares:


CH0H       14-Jun-2002

CH0J        17-Jul-2002

CH0N       16-Aug-2002

CH0Q       02-Oct-2002

CH0Z        4-Dec-2002

CH11        25-Mar-2003

CH12        25-Sep-2003


DS0F        4-Dec-2002

DS14        3-Jan-2003

DS18        5-May-2003

DS19        unofficial

DS31        problems reported!

DS1A        25-oct-2003

DS1C        25-Mar-2004

DS1E        25-Nov-2004

Does the firmware refuse to flash your drive? get  

Advanced users: Tweak your drive!


      There are some nice patched firmware made by 
      C0deKing and Code65536, known as CodeGuys,
      that will enable various Liteon drives to read/rip 
      DVD R/RW media faster, or  in some cases will 
      force slower CD/DVD reading for quiet operation.
      All  tweaks carry some risk, but these guys sure
      know what they are doing :)
      Please read the enclosed documentaion first!
      Get the fix for your drive at the firmwares page of CodeGuys site

      Thanks guys!   


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